Tuesday, December 27, 2011

After Christmas and 36 weeks

I had a lovely last week of Advent on vacation! I just took everything slow, enjoyed time to read, sleep-in, cook, and spend time with Dylan. We did our Christmas dinner shopping early, early, so we completely avoided all crowds - no last minute runs to the store or anything. We made it a quiet Christmas just the two (3) of us. On Christmas Eve we took a nice walk in Fort Snelling State Park along the Mississippi before having a potato pancake dinner before getting ready for midnight Mass at St. Paul's Cathedral - our first Christmas in MN (and no snow!!) Christmas Day started slowly, and we just enjoyed hanging out, skyped with our missed families, and had a lovely dinner for 2. We smiled all through dinner, though, because we hadn't done it up so much for just the two of us before =). All in all, I think Pea had a lovely Christmas ... next Christmas won't be with Pea, rather with ____, whoever this baby turns out to be! Here are a few shots from those events:
Mississippi River
 going to Mass
 Christmas Day dinner =)
 Oh, yeah! And Boxing Day bowling, the Braud (and now Knoll...) tradition =). I whooped D with a 112 and a 162! But who's keeping score ;)...

We are really on the countdown now - just four weeks until the due date but only 2 until "pre-term" is passed. It's hard to convey via blogging, but we're pretty excited to meet this little one and about all the unknowns coming up. We love adventures!
36 weeks:

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

35 weeks down, 35 days to go (-ish)

"Me & Pea" don't have much longer this attached. The bump.com told me today that there are only 35 days left. (It's clearly not predicting the birth date ... just counting down until the due date.) I wonder if there's any way that I can tell if Pea will be early, on time, or late. Those terms don't mean anything to the baby, though; s/he'll just get going whenever s/he's ready!

I'm thoroughly enjoying my vacation so far! I spent Monday going to the dentist, walking the 2 miles back home (felt great!), and running errands. Now the Christmas tree has a few things under it ;). Today I got to sleep in and then got on all those things that are easiest for us to forget when busy with 3rd grade, school, and/or work. That felt great, too =).

I don't think I mentioned that Dylan was hit while driving on Friday, and he's been messing with the insurance companies since then. He's fine, and we're optimistic that Vince (our black VW Jetta) will be fixable. I'll get a photo of that tomorrow and add it - I'll even try to get our carseat in the shot =).

Thanks for the new top, Ginny & Ryan =):

Sunday, December 18, 2011

On Christmas Vacation!

Now that I finally have some free time, I can catch up on reporting a few things. First of all, we visited Dr. Anderson on Thursday for the last 2-week check-up; in two weeks, we shift to the weekly visits - woo! He said great growth, Pea's not "large, economy size" (phew...) and very low-risk. We got to ask him a few questions and were put at ease by his answers, and then he also confirmed that I had my first contraction! Bizarre! It was last Monday morning about 5 minutes before needing to leave for school, and I felt a dull, achy, menstrual-like cramp low in my back. Now, everyone has told me to prepare for the Braxton-Hicks, but what I experienced that morning wasn't like what others described: tight hardening of the whole abdomen but not painful, just pressure. Dr. Anderson said, though, yep, that's what that was. Anyway, kinda neat to have had the first one! I've got two weeks off school now, and we're starting to get pretty excited about this little baby.

Here we are today at the SAINTS-Vikings game that was a (surprise) present from Dylan. Ended 42-20! Geaux Saints!
Jim & Steph joined us:

And here's an idea I'll take from Jaclyn Knoll down in Oz to show MY perspective of Pea (She's ten weeks earlier, though, and can still se her feet! So, I had to cock-out a foot - ha!):
And a close-up BUMP:

Saturday, December 17, 2011

A Whopping 34 weeks

Written Dec. 13th:
Dylan and I have attended both of our pre-natal classes now and will go to the breastfeeding class tonight, Tuesday; then that wraps up all of our learning. Right, right? Then we'll be experts, yes? Well, then we at least know what exactly to ask the doctor. At last Saturday's class, our closing activity was this video: Reflections of Motherhood . It is advice from women, moms, that they would give their pre-pregnancy selves. I liked it, anyway.

It is busy being the last week before Christmas break! There's tons to wrap up for 3rd grade as well as a final project for class at St. Thomas, and then come two weeks of nothing but prepping for Pea, celebrating Christmas, and relaxing -- aaah... After the New Year, I'll only be in school for another short while (assuming Pea's not early!), so in wrapping up things for 3rd grade, I'm wrapping them up on a larger scale than I have done before just for Christmas vacation. It's a funny feeling.

It feels good to be head-cold-free and able to go for good walks again. I don't know if it was the lack of walking for 2 weeks or the, ya know, being 8 mos pregnant that lead to a few aches and pains, but things feel better going for walks either way. The snow's melted, leaving the sidewalks clear, too. It's been a mild 30F here, which is great for not slipping but terrible for dreams of my first white Christmas =). (I think deep down I'd rather the not-slipping bit over the snow, in the end, anyway...)

Here we are this week with only a few more weeks to show (as few as 4 and as many as 7):

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

33 weeks!

This week has been a roller coaster ride ranging from confidence to anxiety, including everything in between. I'm sure being sick and feeling tired had something to do with it, but lots of work to do (especially after being out for 2 days!) plus Dylan having lots on plus everything starting to wind down (or up?) for Pea just left me not knowing how to feel. I'm about 95% healthy now, though, and my moods feel mostly back to normal, as well ... as far as my pregnant moods have been normal in the first place <=).

I told my principal the details about my leave this week: with Pea's due date on January 25th, the substitute will be in place and on call as of January 2nd, when the second semester starts (but I'm hoping Pea won't be ready that early!). Then, with Dylan's graduation on May 12th, I'll be ready to go back to school for the last 4 weeks starting May 14th while he stays with little 4-month-old Pea.

Nowadays I'm feeling BIG! I need help with getting up and down from chairs or the floor, and I've started feeling a little lower back pain ... my old marching band stance comes in handy here: weight on the balls of my feet, and my "tail tucked". That's now my cooking and cleaning stance =). I've been getting a couple of nice comments from parents at school, though - how Pea's bump suits me, or it's a pretty little bump, things like that.

We even attended our first of 2 pre-natal classes, learning labor management positions and massage techniques. When I'm not feeling anxious, it's all fascinating =), and I'm looking forward to it. It's getting closer; in as few as 5 and as many as 8 weeks, our whole world will change!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Sick at 32 weeks

Pea's strong and healthy, so that's good, but Pea's Momma's been sick since last Wednesday. Funny that I teach 3rd grade, have managed to avoid all the stomach bugs, colds, lice, etc, but I go home to relax in warm weather and come down with a little bronchitis. Darn. Things just progressed over the few days after Thanksgiving and led me to stay home Monday and Tuesday from school, go to the doc, and get a baby-safe antibiotic to clear up my chest.

All that said, Friday and Saturday were still great to spend with everyone in Houston. Friday, Mom & I had a pedicure, and the lady who did Mom's was pregnant, too, due 2 weeks earlier than me, and she was TINY ... but, then again, she's also a tiny little Vietnamese lady. Mom & I even went out to see the new Twilight, and we're all glad that Pea's no vampire-baby, attacking me from the inside ... creepy! Then, on Saturday, Mom and Ginny took me to a lovely lunch at the Backstreet Cafe before a matinee of A Christmas Carol to celebrate Pea, a special, intimate baby-shower day together. They gave me/Pea perfect little gifts, too, even though they already had! Now Pea has about 10 more books and several other great little things.
At our fancy lunch:

Everyone got to feel Pea! Mom, Dad, Peter, Ginny, & Ryan - everyone! That's because Pea's busy. Ryan had never felt a pregnant belly before, and Mom and Gin practically laughed at how much activity there was during the last 20 minutes of A Christmas Carol =). I'm really glad they all got to "participate". I read yesterday at the doctor's that I'm about as big as I'll get because the baby will begin to drop soon, so I'm double-pleased that everyone got to play along =). It was so strange leaving, though, because the next time we see each other, it'll be a whole new ball game - whoa!

Speaking of ball games, I can't let a Thanksgiving report go without mentioning that all of our teams won: Nebraska, LSU, Texas, BAYLOR, and the Saints =).

Now it's Advent. The wreath is already in use, and decorations are going up. Tree-buying is on for tonight. Hence, this week's photo:

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving with little Pea at 31 weeks

We're in Houston! Dylan and I arrived safely on Tuesday night after an excited day at school =). Here's the regular bump shot from that evening:

No problems at the airport, easy, direct flight, warm weather, and Mom & Dad on the other end make for an excellent trip down for Thanksgiving. It's great to spend time with everyone - Mom, Dad, Peter, Ginny, & Ryan ... and of course Jake, Gus, & Cookie, the critters. We enjoyed a fabulous meal together (Dylan's first Thanksgiving dinner with the Brauds!!), nice fires in the firepit, and everyone's been feeling Pea. Pea's danced, hiccuped, kicked, and poked back at the hand touching him/her, and it's been really fun having the family get in on the fun. I love Thanksgiving! And there's so much to be thankful for. A few pictures from the day:

Only unfortunate thing is that I've had a funny nasal drip that's turned into a mean sore throat ... hopefully not on the way to a cough =/.

PS: a photo from Tuesday with the kiddos ... many of them had been doing this on their own, so we decided to pose for a group shot - ha!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Pea's first snow!

And so Pea becomes our Snowpea.

I thought the next post would be from TX already, but I didn't account for the possible snow forecasted this weekend. There's not much to report, so I'll just post a few pictures from Saturday night in a very late first snow in St. Paul.

Mike, Colleen, Dylan, and me with our sandcastle-style snowman (made with buckets b/c the snow was too dry to stick otherwise):

Mini-snowman balancing on Snow-Pea!

Dylan, me, and Pea in the snowy backyard:

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Wow - 30 weeks!

Today's the 30 week mark, that's about 7months along with about 10 weeks or 2 months-ish to go. Unbelievable!

Dylan, Pea and I went to the doctor today, and we took a tour of St. John's hospital's maternity wing. Lots of info! Next time in the hospital is when Pea'll be out and about on his/her own! Dr. Anderson said growth's great, put the little doppler on my belly for the heartbeat, and all we could hear were Pea's kicks and smacks =). That was cute and made me laugh, which made the doppler go all loud. Eventually he found the heartbeat, and everything's great. At the hospital, we toured where visitors can wait, eat, internet, etc, as well as spending most of the half-hour in a birthing suite. It'll be the same room for labor, delivery, and recovery, and there's a full bathroom with a tub for easing labor pains as well as a sofa pull-out for my "labor partner" to overnight. It all seems as nice as I could expect; it just makes it a little more real ... and gets me worked up in a combination of anxious and excited. Makes me think we or I or somebody should probably make a list of the don't-forget items to bring with us. It was a good evening =).

Work's getting tiring, so I'm glad there are only 5 more schooldays til Thanksgiving!! And then 3 weeks before Christmas. I can do that. (We'll talk about those last few weeks in January after Christmas...)

Here we are, growing, growing, and growing:

I said to Dylan earlier to take a look at this Pea! He said, yep, as far as peas go, that's a pretty big Pea ;).

Next post will be from TEXAS!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Baby Shower on 11.11.11

Colleen and Steph threw me a baby shower on Friday night! There were 8 of us, and it was really fun and nice. We didn't take a picture of us all together, though - darn! Mom and Ginny even weighed in and sent lovely gifts beforehand telling me to wait until the shower. (They mentioned skyping throughout the shower, but they went camping out in the woods with no skype possibilities.) It's pretty convenient having a couple of young moms give advice and sworn-by gifts. Pea ended up with a stroller and a bassinet sent with love from Texas, as well as onesies, hats, mittens, socks, slippers, a blanket, a bathtub and towels, a stuffed ducky, swaddle/nursing blankets, a portable diaper changer and wipes, and a pumping kit for those few weeks back at work before summer. Pea's first Dr. Seuss book, Green Eggs & Ham, was given by 4-yr. old Gianna, too =).

I am very thankful for all of the help, support - in both a moral and "stuff" sense! It seems to make Pea's birth somehow more imminent ... that I won't just stay pregnant!

Here's a shot of the hostesses with me & Pea:

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Me & Pea at 29 weeks

It's starting to go by quickly! When I think about beginning counting down next week "only 10 more weeks" ... it seems like Summer and Fall have just flown by. We saw Dr. Anderson last Friday, and things are looking great =). He said growth since last check-up is slightly more than he'd expected, but not in a bad way. I don't know if that means in comparison to what I/Pea was last time or for the average 29-weeker. In any case, I'm starting to FEEL big ... which is pretty neat, I must admit. I have to roll out of bed, squat funny to sit down at school, waddle a little when I walk. It's all still exciting.
So, here we were yesterday evening:

We're in the 11th week of school. Somehow that number seems like few, while it also seems like we've been at this for months! Is it too early to start winding some things down? There are only 2 weeks of school before Thanksgiving and then another 3 before Christmas! Craziness.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

week 28

Yaay, sleep. Since last week, sleep has both gotten worse and then better again. We rigged a couple of different systems to try out with pillow positions, side of bed, etc, but all that led to a very tired and cranky 3rd grade teacher on Monday - Halloween; ugh. I came home and crashed on the sofa. Monday night, however, Dylan massaged between my shoulders and my neck for a good 15 minutes before bed, and now the pillows are stacked behind me, like a fort, to lean against. Aaah, successful combination!

Parent-teacher conferences are this Thursday evening and all day Friday. Just sayin'.

We think Pea likes the organ ... every time we're in church, Pea starts bopping around =). That's been kinda nice to watch - yes WATCH - not just feel.

Here's Pea's very own Halloween Pea-o-lantern:

Here's Pea, Lucy, and me trying to look like Lucy:

And here's the regular Tuesday, 28 week-mark shot (with Lucy =) ):

Friday, October 28, 2011

27 - my age in weeks

It's been my first week of not sleeping through the night. I've woken up regularly at about 4am from just laying on the one side the whole time. I've been sleeping only on my left since the big ultrasound because the technician was telling me about the flexible/squishable vein on the right and the hard/un-closeable artery on the left. I trust that's true, but I wonder now about whether or not it makes a difference to Pea ... now that I'm tired <=). I've made it this far sleeping well, though! OH, and everyone at school is talking in thematic weeks, as teachers often do, and there are only 2-3 more major topics before CHRISTMAS already, not to mention only a couple of weeks until Thanksgiving. It's all very exciting anyway, but I'm particularly excited about the holidays this year ... everything's about to be so different!

I'm otherwise still feeling great, walking lots, and eating (hopefully) well. It's still tough to find time to plan for Pea with school, classes, home, and Dylan, but I'm determined to do a registry this weekend at Target! Some friends are throwing me a baby shower here in 2 weeks, and I don't have anything registered ... hmm.

Here we are this Tuesday the 25th:

And here we 3 are last Saturday on the Mississippi:

(Peter turned 25 this week, and Mom'll be 60! =) )

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

26 and counting ...down already?

Things are going just fine, kicking along well here, and I don't have much to say. Dylan and I enjoyed a nice weekend out and about - St. Thomas football game, Harry Potter at the dollar theater =), and friends over for lunch on Sunday - it was lovely! I'm feeling bigger and slower - we had a field trip this week that showed us lots of hills and stairs - but I love getting to move. Walking to and from school the 25 minutes each way has been a big stress-reliever. So, thank you for your prayers - they're being answered. Nothing big to report =). Love from MN!

So, a mom from last year's class told me that they're already finding homes for the kittens born to their cat this week, but she wants to wait until the kittens are 12 weeks. "So, that's January 7th." Insert my jaw-dropping gasp here ... I've been so busy counting UP to 26 weeks, that I hadn't thought of counting DOWN only 14 more weeks til Pea's arrival. Whoa!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Healthy at 25!

No gestational diabetes here! Apparently it's common to have one "abnormal" level drawn, and it can be discounted especially if it's the first one after the drink, which mine was (the middle 161 draw was nothing, they said...). Then with the extra low level drawn last, they told me I'm in the clear =). Good. Pea can continue to enjoy pasta, potatoes, fruit. I will, however, still watch how I'm eating; I'd only stop eating once I was stuffed, so I'll settle for sufficiently full now and just eat more often. All this speaking of food and eating makes me want to share a weight update: I've hit 120lbs - first time ever; previous record was 118lbs in Germany in 2002-3.

We spent this Tuesday evening at IKEA, followed, of course, by a Swedish meatball dinner. Once things are put together, I'll post a picture of that, too. As for now, here's me & Pea at 25 weeks:

Monday, October 10, 2011

My "sort-of" results

Well, I spent today from 8:30-noon at the doctor doing round-2 of the glucose test. I began fasting last night at 8:45pm and had soup today at 12:30 - maaan, I was hungry! Anyway, I got two sticks in each arm: one before drinking the sweet drink (equivalent to 2.5 cans of Coke!!) then one on the hour for the next three hours. Here's what the levels should've been and what mine were:
goal                      actual
<95                         78
<180                     188
<155                     161
<140                       59

As you can see, there's a massive difference in those last two; that's because it dawned on me that I never sit still for 3 hours straight doing nothing, so I took a little walk. Of course that'll change things - if your body actually uses what's in there, things will even out. I'm only upset now that I didn't think of getting some fresh air in the first place. So, once again, I feel like this test could've turned out differently. Anyway, since the middle two levels are elevated, they have to send my blood in for even more detailed work, and I should hear tomorrow. In any case, I'm not in a horrible position, and Dylan'll help me manage.

It bothers me because I didn't think that I would be in a diabetes danger-zone, and I certainly don't want to give Pea a higher risk of developing Type I just because I had too many carbs while pregnant; so we'll adjust to whatever Dr. Anderson recommends for a diet. C'est la vie.

Thursday, October 6, 2011


I failed the glucose test I took this morning, so now I have to go in again on Monday for a more intense glucose test to see if I actually do have or somehow only feigned having gestational diabetes. Sigh.

It goes like this: to test everyone for gestational diabetes, I had to drink a 10oz super-sweet drink on an empty stomach this morning before having blood drawn an hour later. The levels came back too high, so now I have to do the next step on Monday. The idea is that if you pass today's test, you definitely don't have it, but if you fail, which I did (evidently not by much), they observe the change in you more closely. 

So, Monday will go as such: they draw my blood pre-sweet drink. Then, I have a similar 10oz drink, only with even more sugar, on an empty stomach before having blood drawn the following hour, then again a second hour after that, then lastly the third hour after that. If at any of those times they can determine that I for-sure do not have it, I can go (and eat!) ... otherwise I'm there until about 12:30pm (with nothing in my stomach but that drink since dinner the night before). Me and Pea, hungry we'll be!

Anyway, I was pretty bummed to hear that; not that I even know what sort of effect it could have on Pea yet, but you think you're doing all these things right ... then there's this other thing that just - happens. I don't know for sure if I have this kind of diabetes, and if I end up having it, hopefully we'll be able to minimize any side-effects. That was today.

On an up-note, Nana has definitely had Pea in mind at Walker's book fair, I've been told ;)! Thanks, Nana =)!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

24 weeks - Getting Better All the Tii-ii-me

Beatles reference. Anyone?

It's been a pretty good week, actually - balancing Pea (sometimes literally), school (3rd grade), school (St. Thomas), home, and Dylan, too. Part of it is due to my concession of a few things I just can't do anymore - like run around the school during "breaks" to get errands done. I've always been grateful for our native-German education students (placed here for one year as interns), but Miriam has been extra-helpful around here lately. Relieving! Then, I've also just plain reduced my to-do list; not because I ticked everything off, but because I know it'll never all be finished ... so why stress about it? So, my to-do list lately has included actual tasks needing doing (copies, emails, dishes, etc) instead of the big picture stuff (curriculum planning, new idea brainstorming, interior decorating, etc). If time allows for it, I'll do that stuff then.

All this means that I've had more just-be-at-home time; and I've been enjoying my walk to and from school more, as well. I even got to enjoy last weekend just sitting outside, reading while Dylan studied. I'm sure it doesn't hurt that the weather has been ultra-cooperative lately! It's October already, and it was 86 degrees today - wow! Hell-O, Indian Summer. I just love the heat so much, so having the warmth along with the beautiful fall colors everywhere has been really uplifting. (It still gets chilly overnight, and I have to walk to school with a jacket even if it's 80 come 3pm ... so the colors have still changed.)

I've also taken more time to read for Friday nights' Communion and Liberation gatherings, which has given me much needed time to focus on my faith-life. That's been a huge help, I think, and gives me a good chance to re-focus during the week if I catch myself feeling overwhelmed or over-tired like the past couple of weeks.

To go along with all of the lovely weather, here are TWO photos in skirts and bare legs =) from Tuesday and Wednesday.

Prayers for Pea! Hopping around like a busy little baby!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Too busy at 23 weeks

I received a book from a colleague at school this week called "Little Pea"- about Mama Pea, Papa Pea, and Little Pea, who has to eat all of his candy-dinner before he can get his spinach-dessert =)! It's darlin', and I can't wait to read it to our little Pea.

So, I titled this one "too busy at 23" because I need to start taking breaks more often. I'm seeing it at school, at St. Thomas and at home, too. I'm getting more tired than "usual" more quickly than lately, so I've been seeing how and when I'm pushing it too hard; at least I'm noticing it, so hopefully I can change it! I see myself starting to get upset about how the dishwasher that came with the apartment doesn't clean as well as I can, but I stop for a second, say to myself "Don't get worked up about this," and I just hand-wash the dishes. At school that translates into standing and waiting longer for students' attention instead of fussing about or reprimanding them so soon. 

That aside, I'm really loving being pregnant with Pea! It seems like we're at a stage now where Pea's moving as much as s/he ever has, but because there's less space now, I feel EVERYthing! Sometimes it even catches me off guard, it's so strong. I'm also feeling more comfortable now in my clothes after going shopping with my good friend, Colleen, over the weekend. She helped with all sorts of things, including maternity tights and leggings, so I can wear my old skirts and dresses instead of only the black broomstick skirt or the workout pants <=). Then we went to IKEA (as we've both moved recently) and had lunch!

Send your prayers, please; all three of us welcome them! Would love to hear from you all, too. Love from St. Paul =).

Thursday, September 22, 2011


Dearest family & friends,

I just want to thank you for reading and keeping up on Pea's little life. It's been such a blessing =). I want to let you know that I've edited the settings here, so you can now comment right on the post. (I'd noticed getting emails or facebook comments about Pea and started wondering... .)

Thanks for joining us on this ride!
Michelle & Dylan & Pea

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

22 weeks and feeling big

Like I said from the ultrasound, Pea is active! The technician said so last week, and Dr. Anderson said it again today while looking for Pea's heartbeat. I stretched out on the little bed-counter-y thing, and you could see a big, round bulge on one side of my belly. Then, Dr. Anderson put the doppler machine to me, looking for the heartbeat, found it for a second, then said after a little *boom* of the baby's movement, that Pea moved all the way over to the other side! Just flipping around, enjoying him/herself, I guess. Anyway, positive results from the ultrasound, strong heartbeat of 145, and feeling fine! Dylan and I were pretty hungry by the time we came home, and I ate quite a bit; left me feeling huge! I asked him to take the picture right away ... and this is all I've got:
I got several "you're looking bigger everyday" comments today, and so I guess I was expecting a picture to somehow get across how much bigger I'm feeling. Oh well ... if I'm just in the middle of it all now, I'm sure the big belly is on its way. 

We've been able to squeeze in a little more time for R&R in the past few days, and it feels    g o o d. Thank you for your continued prayers! God's looking out for this little Pea.

(Note: Lucy barely made it into the photo ;) ).

Sunday, September 18, 2011

21 weeks + big ultrasound!

I haven't forgotten to post! Especially not now that there are interesting photos to show =). It's just been a horribly busy week - each night home late and straight to bed. Dylan has a couple of nights with classes until 9pm, I have one day with class til 9pm, and school had the parent-night Curriculum Night this week, too. Full!

Anyway, as per usual, we photographed the bump on Tuesday. So, although I'm writing on Sunday, everything is still week-by-week. Tuesday was also a special day because we had a thorough ultrasound, which took about 45 minutes! Dylan and I were both very pleased, surprised, and excited to see so much of Pea! I kind of didn't want the screen to stop; I wanted to keep hanging out with Pea. Active little baby!! The technician kept saying how cooperative the baby is, too, in that if one angle didn't work well to show some organ or other, Pea would move soon enough anyway to show us from a different angle. It was wonderful to see Pea move on the screen and feel the same movement simultaneously! I know it's a lot of photos, but here are the 6 that were printed out. There are two profile shots, one of each foot, one of a hand, and then one she called the "kissy face" - of just the nostrils and lips (see if you can make that one out - I love it!)

I'm feeling tops, a little less tired these days (whether due to finally slowing down, no more jetlag, no more moving, or pregnancy - dunno) and only really "notice" feeling pregnant when I can't do something at school. I feel blessed and happy carrying little Pea around =)! Here's what I've looked like this week (literally, as all I wear are these long T-shirts from Target and the same black pair of stretchy, black work-out pants; I don't want to admit to jeans-weather just yet ;) ).
Note the "new" French horn in the corner ... Dylan's birthday pressie to me! I've never owned one before =).

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Halfway at 20 weeks

Wow ... already half done? Still half to go? Definitely the first. I can't believe 20 weeks have gone by so quickly, and that's been without 3rd grade so far. Everyone knows how fast the fall semester seems to fly by! I hope I take enough time in the 2nd half to savor it; Pea's been great so far <3. It's especially been fun feeling the increasing kicking, hitting, or head-butting. Today after school I even laid down on the sofa with a Newsweek, started snoozing and saw the magazine bumping up and down.

Ginny and Ryan spent the long weekend with us, and we had so much fun! Being pregnant at the State Fair is definitely the way to go -- no holds barred -- everything I saw, I got to eat! (Well, everything except "Big Fat Bacon" and chocolate-covered jalapenos). I even had my very first foot-long corn dog. Awesome ;). It was great spending time with Gin and Ryan, and I was really happy to show them a little bit of our corner of the world (... Peter's the only one missing out now ... no pressure.) So I include a photo of all four of us from the Sate Fair - from the Minnesota Public Radio booth, of course. Ginny even got to feel Pea move, and I think she liked that =). It's funny, though, to think about how I can't *make* Pea move; s/he's already an independent kiddo!

Today was supposed to be the big 20-week ultrasound, but (and it's a good thing Dylan and I had logistic confusion with the car) I called, and the doctor should have referred me to St. Paul Radiology. So, we got that sorted on the phone, saved a trip, and I'll have that ultrasound within the next 2 weeks ... I'm anxious, though! I was really looking forward to seeing the difference from week 9 to week 20 - now larger than a mango =). So, instead of an ultrasound photo, we have just another "bump-shot". This time fully covered up so you can see a little more realistically what I look like at school. (Note the Baylor Bear pride! Great win over TCU!) Oh, and one last thing: we have friends from law school who are also expecting, and she is a good month or so ahead of me. Dylan saw her today, though, came home and told me our little Pea's already bigger (or I am ... but I think it's Pea ;) ).
(in the new apartment ... fewer boxes than last week as things settle in a little bit. Yay!)

Thursday, September 1, 2011

A Pea Party

Pea is just dancin'! Prior to the last post, I had to kind of relax or try to feel a movement, but now it's just any ol' time Pea chooses: while I'm eating lunch, going to bed, unpacking (yet another) box, or standing in front of the class. I love it =). Except that last scenario's kind of distracting - I'd rather focus on Pea, but I have to finish my sentences. Everyone at school is - finally - starting to catch on. I've gotten so many congratulations from parents, and it's really great to see my former students happy about it, too! It's been a little strange, though, having people ASK me because, come ON, I'm a pretty little lady, and although I eat a lot anyway, I can't eat that much. Oooh, well.

So, we have moved, and Dylan and I have both started school again, too. Last week I was back at work doing the teacher in-service week, but the kids started Monday, and it has been go-go-go since. We had to finish off the moving OUT before we could relax a little and start doing the moving IN at our own pace. There are boxes galore, but we've made Pea's room the "storage area"; and so now the rest of the apartment doesn't look half-bad, actually. It can only get better from here, and Ginny and Ryan will get to see the work in progress ... MN State Fair, here we come!

This week's photo is appropriately set in front of boxes. Taken on our 3rd wedding anniversary and Pea's 19-week marker.