Wednesday, January 4, 2012


My side of the family's got their bets in, and the predictions look like this:

DylanboyJan 30th7 lb 2 oz
FrangirlJan 28th7 lb 7 oz
KenboyJan 27th6 lb 12 oz
PetergirlJan 25th7 lb 8 oz
GinnyboyJan 22nd7 lb 3 oz
RyangirlJan 27th8 lb

Funny =)...


  1. How funny that the predictions don't lean one way or another. I love how everything will be a surprise, the gender,'s so fun (and rare these days)! We miss you guys and in fact I had a dream last night that we were out to eat with you and Dylan. I wish! We think of y'all (and Pea) often, and send our love!! :)

  2. Sally has her prediction:
    Jan. 21 boy 6lb 10oz

  3. Got another prediction: A teacher at Walker Joanna Byrd
    says Boy Jan 23rd 7lb 4oz

  4. Another prediction: Sue Maziarz
    Feb. 1 - girl - 7lbs even