Sunday, January 15, 2012

Last Day of School til May

This is just to say that Thursday the 12th was my last day at school, so we had a little fun-time at the end of the day. I brought in "Pea" cupcakes (there was just a green dot of frosting on top) and we played a few games together ... the kiddos thought they were just having fun, but I was really showing the sub how the games go ;). Here are our group photos from Thursday; one with the Pea-cupcakes but minus 3 kids and one with everyone:

I definitely didn't get out of there without promising the kids I'd bring the baby in before I come back in May =). And at dismissal, I was given a lovely card that all the parents had signed with a gift card, too. It's so strange to leave mid-year! I'll be back for the last month of school - May 14th-June 10th, once Dylan's already home after graduating law school. It's all gonna be so interesting and exciting!


  1. thats too sweet. Hope you're enjoying being home and relaxing a little, prepping for Pea! <3

  2. They love you so!
    You take care of yourself! love, xoxo