Saturday, January 21, 2012

Pea minus 4 days?

As Pea's due date is oh, so close now, and I've started noticing some of the pre-labor signs, AND the Doc's told me I'm progressing nicely & probably won't need to be induced on Feb. 2nd, Dylan and I thought we might try out some of those myths that move things along. One delicious one is pineapple! Many women have had their first early labor contractions within 12 hours of eating pineapple. The funny thing is that it's not just a slice or two ... I get to eat almost a whole one! Mid-winter! =) Other attempts will include long walks, stretching, and relaxation techniques.

This photo is from last Sunday after Mass, but I wanted to include it anyway. I might take a few shots more regularly now that it's coming to a close.


  1. Beautiful shot!
    I love the roundness of the church echoing the curve of you and pea. Glad to hear all is well.
    love Shelley

  2. Beautiful picture Michelle! We are thinking about y'all every day! :)So excited for Pea to be introduced to the world!

  3. p.s. love the title of this entry! hehe!