Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Dropped at 38 weeks!

Don't worry - I didn't drop Pea, but I think Pea dropped. I didn't notice at first or as it was happening, but now it's obvious to me. I'd had a nagging lower-back/hip pain since about Thanksgiving, and it's disappeared! I thought I was just working it out well, but then two new-mom friends took one look at me and said, "Wow, you're carrying so much lower!" *Shrug* So there ya go! Pea's getting ready =).

The other teachers threw me a baby shower last Thursday after school, and it was really nice and fun. Besides a monetary gift, which will be very! handy, they also put together a quilt that one of the teachers sewed ... the back has peas in pods!

We went to the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra last Thursday, too:

Then on Friday, I threw a party for the kids and their parents to introduce the long-term substitute teacher and lay out the upcoming plan, then they gave me a baby cake and a book, which all the kids signed! Everyone's been so thoughtful. The funniest thing: remembering that it's  German immersion school, the kiddos understood "pea in a pod" to be "pea in a pot", and several kids wrote the German words for, literally, have fun with your pea in a pot. Ha - love it.

I'm starting to think of the imminence of Pea's birth ... we're at three weeks or less now. It's the "or less" that gets me excited and makes it easier to forget school stuff =). Here we are, huge and loving it, at 38:

Lastly, we attended our Baptism prep class and scheduled it for Mardi Gras weekend, Saturday, February 18, 2012. Woo!


  1. "I'm too excited to sleep..."
    \But I hope YOU are!!
    xoxo mom

  2. Ha, I'm excited, too, but - yes, I'm sleeping!
    Tomorrow's my last day of school - <=O!!

  3. woohoo! getting so close, wonderful to see the progress! :)