Tuesday, January 24, 2012

40 weeks. Getting close.

Maybe it was the pineapple. Since Monday morning at 2:30am, I've been having contractions. Before going into the hospital, they need to be just 5 minutes apart, lasting for one minute, continuously for one hour - the 5-1-1 rule. I had a couple of hours yesterday where there were 10-minute spaced contractions, but alas ... no baby. Today, we took long walks, and that got them going! I've had a few hours with contractions as close as 8 minutes, now, but alas ... no baby. Neither of us wants to rush it and go in too soon - they'll either send us home or we'd be less comfortable in the hospital than at home for longer than necessary. So? We wait. Dylan's been helpful and encouraging - lovely! He also made a joke about Pea getting ready to join us, then realizing we're a rookie family and deciding to hold back and wait a while! =) I thought that was funny. I'm still up for his humor, so things haven't gotten too bad, yet ;) ... but I'm getting pretty tired, as I haven't had a break longer than 9 minutes in hours.

Here is a picture of 40-week Pea and me making chicken salad:
And then interrupted by a contraction (Dylan said I should caption this one "Dylan not being helpful" ;) ):
Lucy stretching out, as she has also been kept up for 2 days - haha:

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  1. Fingers crossed and prayers sent. Now just waiting for news... God be with you both!